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Our School

Mission, Aims and Code of Conduct - Superheroes


Our Mission is to enable everyone to achieve excellence


As a safe and secure learning community, we aim to fulfil our mission by:

  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Motivating all children to become independent thinkers
  • Developing the skills to be a lifelong learner
  • Encouraging an active lifestyle
  • Recognising and celebrating successes

Every child at Great Bradfords Junior School will be GREAT because they are:

Growing to be



Aspirational learners


Code of Conduct: Be Safe; Be Kind; Be Responsible

Be Safe:

  • We enjoy and look after our environment
  • We know where to go for help
  • We know everyone respects our Code of Conduct
  • When we behave in a safe way, everyone around us is safe

Be Kind:

  • We smile and make everyone feel welcome
  • We care and look after each other
  • We are friendly towards everyone in our school
  • We are all different, but equal

Be Responsible:

  • We make good choices and wise decisions
  • We try our best in our learning
  • How we behave and what we do matters
  • We treat others as we wish to be treated

Learning Behaviours – our superheroes!

Positive learning behaviours are what determines success as a student. At Great Bradfords Junior School, we encourage children to adopt our ‘superhero’ qualities to enable them to be the best learners they can be:

Perseverance Primrose encourages children to not give up and work through problems they face in and outside the classroom;

Resilient Rose encourages the children to bounce back quickly after a set-back and to not let it affect their future success;

Engagement Emily and Enthusiastic Eddie ensure that children get involved in all of the learning offered with focus and interest; 


Independent Ivan inspires children to take responsibility for their learning, using the other superheroes to work through problems and recognise when they need support. When these qualities are recognised by class teachers or learning support assistants, children are rewarded with house points, and could even be awarded with a Headteacher certificate during our weekly celebration assembly.


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