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Our pupils are Masters of Mathematics! From the thrill and challenge of problem solving to watching their time scores on Times Tables Rock Stars shoot up the leader board to reach the ultimate title of ‘Rock Hero’, our passionate pupils are always immersed in the exciting world of mathematics. With White Rose at the heart of our planning, all our children will experience a spiral mathematics curriculum, continuously building upon their previous learning, making links to the real world and across other subject areas of the curriculum, and are continuously provided with opportunities to challenge themselves to progress further, applying their knowledge and understanding in different contexts, and developing into resilient and efficient mathematicians.

Talk in mathematics is invaluable; through using ‘Star Vocabulary’ and daily ‘Talk Tasks’, our pupils become successful at reasoning, confidently using mathematical language to explain their conjectures, using manipulatives and drawings to support their understanding, and discuss strategies they have used to logically approach problems and investigations, using our ‘Problem Solving Cats’ as their guide.

Fluency is key to becoming an efficient mathematician; through daily Maths Meetings, our children revise key concepts and practise arithmetic skills. Plus, due to our weekly ‘Battle of the Bands’ on Times Table Rockstars announced in our Celebration Assembly, our children are motivated to learn and practise their times tables every day!

In our maths lessons, mistakes are considered a tool of learning; our children learn how to use their own mistakes to positively enhance their learning journey, showing excellence in mathematics through perseverance and determination to succeed. As Albert Einstein states, ‘A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.’ It is not always about the answer, but about the process in which the children go through to achieve this which is paramount to their understanding and development of skills, a constructive mindset which prepares them for tackling problems in their futures ahead.

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