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What do we love about our subject?

History is a gateway to the past and allows us to understand where we have come from and where we may end up going next. At Great Bradfords Junior School, history captures our children’s imagination and sparks a curiosity about the world they live in, so much so that they often embark on their own independent research (often at home) to find out more fascinating facts. When children are truly fascinated by a particular period in history, they decide the path of their own learning and almost teach themselves; history is the perfect subject for facilitating engagement and independent learning. History encourages children’s curiosity to the point where they become more inquisitive and ask many questions which allow them to delve deeper into the subject.

When children enjoy history, they are engaged and are enthusiastic, and they develop confidence and achieve. Whilst thoroughly engaged in each topic, they also learn the skills discretely within them. History helps them to understand how people lived in the past, and they can compare this with their own lives. It helps them start to reflect on their own lives today.

Through our history theme days, children have the opportunity to dress up in the clothes of the time and have the opportunity to role-play. They experience many practical and creative activities which make learning fun and memorable, as well as deepening their understanding.

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