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Our Curriculum

Design and Technology

Subject Intent

"It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good."

Paula Scher, graphic designer and painter

At Great Bradfords Junior School, Design and Technology (D&T) serves as a nurturing ground that equips children with life-long skills and empowers them to evolve into the innovators of the world.

With technical knowledge and hands-on learning being taught collaboratively, a range of skills are fostered at GBJS: independence, creativity, critical thinking, adaptability and collaborative skills.

With design, make and evaluate being the core elements of our learning journey and our school's upholding of working towards excellence through the redrafting and critique steps, we aim to reinforce a growth mindset where testing, challenges, mistakes and evaluations are seen as further opportunities for improving our children’s learning outcomes. Through this, children develop broader understanding of their implications of decision making and designing.

Children at Great Bradfords Junior School discuss the subject with passion and excitement! Through enriching projects, children get the chance to showcase real-life, meaningful history, design engaging products, develop cooking skills through innovative recipe creations and engage in experiential learning by performing in competitions and show casing their skills and accomplishment to an audience of learners and experts, who are simply left in awe!

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