“Together we learn; together we grow”


As a maintained school we follow the National Curriculum as set out by the DfE which can be found via this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum    


We use the Essex Agreed Syllabus to inform our teaching of Religious Education.


For more information on what your child will be learning in each year please follow the links in the curriculum tab.


British Values

The following statement from our Ofsted Report in December 2015 neatly summarises our apporach to the promotion of British Values:

"The promotion and celebration of British values is an everyday part of the school’s work and permeates the rich curriculum. Pupils show care, respect for, and tolerance of others because leaders and teachers successfully develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and their understanding of other cultures and faiths through a wide range of experiences. Pupils learn about other cultures and countries in history, geography and religious education lessons. They also develop their understanding through their personal, health, social and cultural education. Participation in the school council helps to develop pupils’ understanding of the democratic process."