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Medical Matters

Our first aid procedures are informed by Essex County Council Codes of Practice and we monitor them regularly.  However, we are only able to administer basic first aid and if the injury sustained cannot be treated adequately, we always contact the parents, or the child’s G.P. if the parent cannot be contacted.


In the case of sickness, major nose bleeds or a serious accident including bumps to the head, every effort will be made to contact you.  This is why it is essential that we have a current telephone number where you can be reached during the day.  If we are unable to contact you we will send a note home with your child. Each time your child requests medical/first aid support, this will be recorded. We will not contact you for routine mishaps which occur such as bumps, bruises, grazes and small cuts as this is all part of normal childhood play.


The school is happy to consider requests from parents for administering medicines, both prescribed and non-prescribed.  In the interests of all the boys and girls in the school, it is essential that the medicine request form is completed before the medicine is brought into school.   Each request should be made in writing using the appropriate form which is obtainable from the School Office. 


All medication should be handed in and collected from Reception by an adult.  We are unable to hand medicines to your child. Inhalers will be readily available to your child when required.  During school visits, swimming lessons and games lessons on the school field, teaching staff will have the required medication with them.


In exceptional circumstances, some children with long term medical needs require further support from the school.  For these children an individual Health Care Plan is drawn up in conjunction with the parents and, where appropriate, the medical profession.  If you feel your child needs this medical support in school, please contact the School Office in the first instance.